Bespoke Furniture Gallery

We work  with clients to make bespoke, handcrafted furniture from new to their specifications. This ranges from creating small pieces such as display shelves and lamp stands to larger items like dining tables, chairs and cabinets. We can also produce replica items to replace or augment current furniture. Below is a selection of some of our most recent work.

Designed and made from scratch with specially selected timber to avoid splitting and warping.



20ft picture frame designed made to clients specifications. Contains 238 letters carved and gold leafed. 

picture-frame-before       picture-frame-after

7 ash wall lamp made completely from scratch and 12 ebonised floating shelves. 

ash-wall-lamp       ebonised-floating-shelves       lamps-and-shelves

Handmade replica of 17th Century Carver Chair to match originals.


Doll house made for a miniature furniture exhibition. 

doll-house-1       Doll House 2.jpg

Replica made to complete set of twin chairs with one original missing. 


Storage unit for handmade to clients exact specifications.